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3D Walk-Through


3D Immersive Walk-Through Virtual Tours with Matterport

Switch to 3D walk through virtual tours and have 24/7 open house. Share branded virtual tour links with all buyers on all social media platforms or on your own website and see the different to get the new buyers. We suggest our 3D videos as well to get more opportunities for selling a property as a professional real estate agent like yourself!

How it helps buyers and sellers: Imagine instead of driving all over the map trying to find the perfect place, you are able to fully experience different homes without leaving your own. Matterport’s existing technology lets you virtually walk through with the click of a button, saving both time and energy, while maximizing the number of homes viewed.

We in PANO have an extra service for our clients who`s interested in video links too but does not want to pay to much for taking videos too! Our solution is create a 3D video from the walk-through virtual tour with only $50.00 extra!!! Check the samples on the links below and we are waiting to serving you soon.

3D Matterport Special prices:

Matterport 3D (up to 2000 s.f.),          $250.00 + tax
Matterport 3D (2001-3000 s.f.)            $300.00 + tax
Matterport 3D (3001-5000 s.f.)            $350.00 + tax
Matterport 3D (5000 + s.f.)                  $400.00 + tax

Prices include the still photos and virtual tours



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